Circular No. 04/2010/TT-BXD of the Ministry of Construction dated 20 September 2012 providing guideline on export of minerals used as construction materials

Two following Lists issued in conjunction with this Circular:

  • List of minerals permitted to be exported for use of construction materials (including: sand, stone, dolomite, cilic, kaolin) in which criteria and specification of each category is specified in the List.
  • List of minerals to be used as construction materials prohibited from export.

Compared with Circular No. 18/2009/TT-BXD, under this Circular saline sand is forbidden from export instead saline salvaged from dredging and clearing of river channels, estuaries and river port adjacent to the sea under the project may be exported.

Minerals restricted from export (Clause 4 Article 5 of Circular No. 18/2009/TT-BXD) such as lime to be used as materials for cement production, clay, construction sand, pebbles, gravel and grit …. shall be prohibited from export under this Circular.

This Circular takes effect from the date of 06 September 2012 and replace Circular No. 18/2009/TT-BXD dated 30 June 2009 of the Ministry of Construction.