Decree of the Government on liquor production and trading

The Government issues Decree No. 94/2012/ND-CP, dated 11 December, 2012 on liquor production and trading.

Subjects of application:

  • This Decree applies to organizations and individuals involved in liquor production, trading, and other activities relating to liquor production and trading inside Vietnamese territory.
  • Foreign traders and enterprises with foreign invested capital in Vietnam shall comply with regulations of this Decree and other related legal documents.

From 01 January 2014, liquor production and import for sale in Vietnam must be stuck with stamps on their packages in accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s regulations (except for manual production of liquor to sell to enterprises with liquor production licenses for reprocessing).

This Decree takes effect from the date of 01 January 2013 and abolishes Decree No. 40/2008/ND-CP dated 07 April 2008 of the Government on liquor production and trading.