The WB’s Ease of Doing Business in Vietnam

bizconsult law LLC’s partners Tuan Nguyen and Viet Nguyen have successfully completed the research & advisory project funded and organized by the Ministry of Justice of Korea for the purpose of improving the contract enforcing system in Vietnam, Brunei and Saudi Arabia. This project serves improving rankings in the World Bank’s assessment of ease of doing business worldwide.

Partners Tuan Nguyen and Viet Nguyen provided the Ministry of Justice of Korea with a comprehensive research and advisory report on the contract enforcing system of Vietnam and recommendations for advancement of the regulations, court organizations and enforcement agencies. The project ended with the 3rd International Conference in Seoul from 29 to 31 October 2013. “We were in receipt of your final report well, and thank you for your excellent presentation” said Seungjin Han, a Public Service Attorney of Ministry of Justice of Korea.

Following this project, the Central Institute of Economic Management, or CIEM, of Vietnam shall assess the given recommendations and put them further to the Government for consideration. Partner Viet Nguyen has contributed to the WB’s annual research on enforcing contract issues for several years and he will continue this mission.